South Bay Student Wins $35M SuperLOTTO

College student claims jackpot

Bay Area students needing a loan to get through that next semester of school might want to think about becoming Facebook friends with ChristianAimee Reyes. And Reyes might want to think about setting her profile to private.

Long lost uncles, scumbag dead beats, ex-boyfiends and just about everyone else Reyes can think of will be hitting the Bay Area's newest millionaire up if they haven't already.

Congratulations Reyes, you just won $35 million in the SuperLOTTO Plus. The college student bought the winning ticket in Newark over the weekend and with it, no doubt, a whole new arena of friends.

Reyes said she was cooking dinner for her family Saturday night when her parents decided to go to the store. She asked them to buy her three SuperLOTTO Plus tickets and the rest is history.

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On Monday, while watching the news, she heard the winning ticket was purchased in Newark at the same store where her parents shop.

"I checked the numbers, then I screamed and had the entire family double check the numbers to make sure they matched and they did," she said.

Reyes chose the cash option and will receive approximately $16.5 million after taxes. Reyes said she only plays the Lottery once in awhile.

"I plan to live a very happy life and help my family to live a very happy life as well," she said.

The winning ticket was purchased at Lion Food Center located at 39055 Cedar Boulevard #168 in Newark. The retailer will receive a bonus of $175,000 for selling the winning ticket.

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