San Jose

South Bay Leaders Mull Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Community leaders on Wednesday are slated to discuss how to better house the homeless in the South Bay.

One solution already in the works involves tiny homes.

Within the past several months, San Jose unveiled plans to use tiny homes ranging in size from 80 to 140 square feet to house those people without a home. The homes would have electricity but no plumbing.

The question is where exactly to put the homes.

The Mercury News reports the city is considering a state-owed site that used to be a homeless encampment just southwest of the overpass that connects Interstate 280, Interstate 680 and Highway 101. Another possible location is the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority construction staging area along Manuel Road near Coyote Creek.

San Jose's Department of Housing and other community housing organizations are scheduled to meet at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday to host a public discussion regarding the tiny homes option.

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