2 South Bay Transit Stations Delay BART Service

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Two South Bay transit stations that were supposed to be fully functional by 2018 are experiencing delays in plans to have BART serve those locations.

The Milpitas and Berryessa transit stations both opened to passenger service on Dec. 28. At the Milpitas location, passengers can catch the VTA light rail as well as buses. But BART and VTA are still working on issues at the stations that may take a while to iron out.

"We anticipate later in the month of March that we will be significantly complete with those, and we'll be able to better project a time when passenger service will begin," said Bernice Alaniz, a VTA spokesperson.

At the end of March, BART and VTA will try to predict when passenger service will begin.

During a VTA board meeting Thursday night staff gave an update on the issues and delays, and it appears that passengers will have to continue waiting.

Among the issues that are still being addressed, the trains were not stopping exactly where they're supposed to on the platform. The issue turned out to be in the communications system between the computers on the trains and sensors at the stations.

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