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11-Year-Old Girl Credits TV Show With Helping Save Her Family From House Fire

Firefighters are calling the girl a hero after the 11-year-old acted on training she learned from the NBC hit show Chicago Fire

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An 11-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after firefighters said she helped get a family out of her grandmother's burning home early Thursday.

The intense fire destroyed the home and the walls are the only thing left standing.

"I saw black smoke and I then immediately ran to the hallway," said Berlin Gomez Muniz.

That's when the training kicked in for Berlin, who said she knew what to do from watching the NBC hit show Chicago Fire -- a show where rescues are constant.

"I would just feel it and it was really hot inside the home," Berlin said. "So I just had to scream for help to make sure my parents got up and got out of the house."

In that moment, with the home filled with flames and panic, Berlin knew it was her time.

There were no working smoke detectors inside the home, so it was all up to Berlin.

Firefighters said the girl is responsible for saving her family.

"I think she's a hero because if she hadn't woken up or said something, then it would have been way worse," sister Lyric Gomez Muniz said.

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