VTA Yard Shooting

Bomb Squad, Police Search Home of Suspect in San Jose VTA Yard Mass Shooting

FBI and ATF agents are also at the scene investigating

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Multiple law enforcement agencies, including a San Jose bomb squad, are searching the home of the suspected gunman in Wednesday's Valley Transportation yard mass shooting.

Officials said at least nine people are dead, including the suspect, in the shooting. The gunman has been identified as VTA employee Samuel Cassidy.

FBI, bomb squad and fire department look for ammunition, evidence at home of gunman responsible for VTA yard shooting in San Jose. Damian Trujillo reports.

Officials are investigating whether a fire at the home located on Angmar Court was set before the shooting. It's possible Cassidy set the fire using a timed device to coincide with the shooting, law enforcement officials believe.

Fire department officials said responding crews found an empty gas can and smell of gasoline inside the burned home. Crews also found hundreds of rounds of ammo throughout the house.

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