Cain Velasquez

Former UFC Star Cain Velasquez Says ‘Justice Will Be Served' in Attempted Murder Case

The fighter is accused of shooting at a truck carrying a man who is in turn accused of molesting a close relative of Velasquez

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Former UFC star Cain Velasquez released a statement Tuesday as he faces attempted murder charges for shooting into a truck carrying a man accused of molesting one of the fighter's close family members.

Investigators say Velasquez on Feb. 28 fired a gun into the truck carrying a man accused of molesting his close family member.

The shooting in San Jose injured another person in the same vehicle. Authorities later arrested Velasquez in Morgan Hill.

"To everyone that has expressed your support, my family and I will never be able to thank you enough," Velasquez said in a statement posted on Twitter. "To the true victims of this case, may God give you the strength to come forward. Though it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you, in speaking the truth, justice will be served and your own true healing will start."

Velasquez on Tuesday also appeared in a courtroom for a plea hearing, which will now continue on May 6.

He is currently being held without bail.

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