COVID-19 Vaccination Site to Be New Attraction at Alviso Car Show

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Will COVID-19 ever really go away? Many health experts now say the answer is no. So the question becomes -- how do we live with it?  

A big key is making vaccinations more common and routine.  

At the Alviso Car Show in San Jose Saturday, organizers plan to set up a vaccine site and one health expert said making vaccinations more routine can really help people overcome fear.

Many of the hundreds of classic cars that will cover six or seven blocks of the Alviso community were built during a time when this type of COVID pandemic was almost unthinkable.

But when the car show sets up in the morning, a mobile vaccination site will be on display as well. 

“And so we’re going to take that and place it right next to the medical center,” said co-organizer Richard Santos. “You got the fire department close by, we have emergency people here in case there’s a reaction of some type. But in the meantime we encourage everybody. We’re supporters of it, we’re going to continue.”

UCSF Infectious Disease Expert Doctor Monica Gandhi is thrilled with the idea of making vaccinations more commonplace. She raised some concern when she recently said publicly that in light of the delta variant, we may never eradicate COVID.    

But she said the vaccine can effectively control it.  

“We can take away its ability to cause misery,” she said. “Like we live with cold viruses.”

As for Saturday’s event, Alviso Car Show organizers said they will recommend wearing masks in areas where car fans mix and mingle.  

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