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East San Jose Apartment's Tenants Without Water Since Saturday

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People at an East San Jose apartment complex have been finding ways to continue their daily routines as best as they can after their water main broke over the weekend.

Out of desperation, residents at the Foxdale Apartments decided to tap into a large water valve outside the building for their daily use. However, the fire department warned them that water can be dangerous and unsafe to drink.

287 residents have been without water since Saturday after the first attempt at fixing the broken water main failed, the manager said.

Many of them decided to take their families to a hotel or motel to shower and brush their teeth. Others decided to tap into an emergency fire sprinkler to fill jugs and buckets with water for their daily use.

That water is not safe to drink, and it can also cause the emergency sprinkler system to fail.

The manager of the apartment complex told NBC Bay Area she would let tenants know the water some of them drank may be unsafe.

"I worry about potentially poisoning my kids, my family," said tenant Kashana Ashford. "I washed dishes and I put water in a cup to brush my teeth this morning in those cups," she said.

Before she found out the water was unsafe, she used it every morning and even shared some with her neighbors.

"You wake up and the water is off. You have kids. You do what you have to do," she said.

The manager didn't want to comment on camera, but told NBC Bay Area they are working on getting the broken water main fixed as soon as possible.

For now, they are delivering jugs of fresh water and brought in dozens of portable porta potties.

Nearby Overfelt High School offered its gym so people can shower and residents said the management started offering hotel stays for tenants.

The main concern remains the water from the emergency sprinkler system and any health problems it may cause.

Renters said this sort of problem only happens in third world countries, and East San Jose.

It is unclear when the water main will be fixed.

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