Field Crews Decorate Levi's Stadium for Super Bowl 50

The logos are in. It’s real now.

Tuesday was the day Levi’s Stadium officially transitioned from the San Francisco 49ers field to the site of Super Bowl 50.

When you see the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers dominate the paint, things have changed.

Now, if you’re worried about the weather, the National Football League says don’t.

“We have tarps, just in case. Lots of them,” says NFL Field Director Ed Mangan.

The league insists this is not its first game in the rain, and we shouldn’t worry about the condition of the field. After all, they say, it’s not just athletes who will be slogging around, it’s Coldplay and Beyonce, too.

There’s also new technology in place, building on what Levi’s has already installed: Lots of WiFi, and a new Super Bowl app. According to NFL Director Eric Finkelstein, “it will have the custom feel of a Super Bowl, and it’s for the fans.”

One techie mistake? Tom Brady’s face in rotation on the scoreboard. Sorry, New England Patriots fans, Tom won’t be making it onto the field this year.

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