Flying Cars? Los Altos Company Developing Out-of-This-World Technology

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Silicon Valley is developing some of the most out-of-this-world technology. Something that will let you both drive and fly, all while helping fight climate change.

In a quiet Bay Area studio, people are learning how to fly in a car. 

ASKA, which means “flying bird” in Japanese, is a Los Altos company with big goals in mind. And if you hate traffic, you’re going to love the idea of cruising above it all. 

A prototype electric vehicle that takes you both on the road and in the air for business or personal use, and it’s better for the environment and for the housing crisis. This because you can quickly get away to where homes are cheaper. 

"Cost of living is much lower. Better quality of life, and you can fly here within 20 or 30 minutes,” said Guy Kaplinsky, CEO and co-founder of ASKA.

Aska said they expect this to be in production in 2026 with an initial range of about 250 miles per charge. Like, from the Bay Area to Tahoe.

A charge people would be able to get at home, at the airport, or just about anywhere.

They're taking pre-orders now for $790,000 each. Eventually, they plan to sell it for about $200,000.

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