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Gas Leaks Cause Concern in San Jose Condominium Complex

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A San Jose man said he had two major gas leaks that went undetected for some time and now, he worries the entire complex might be vulnerable.

The topic will come up at the Creekside Condominium Complex homeowner’s association as residents doubt it was an isolated incident.

“When they started digging the dirt, it all smelled like gas,” said homeowner John Arce Sr. He said the gas pipes were under his courtyard corroded, filled with holes.

“It was very scary. Like I said, I barbeque all the time,” he said. “That hole was seeping out gas.”

The biggest concern was that he never smelled gas. He knew there was a leak because his water heater went out, and the plumber accidentally punctured a tiny hole in the yellow flex line.

That’s when the family smelled gas, and when PG&E arrived to inspect, their sensors alerted them to an underground leak.

“I didn’t even smell the gas, so it was very scary,” Arce said. “Very dangerous. Nobody knew.”

PG&E said it looks like a developer or an HOA issue. They urge anyone who smells gas to call them for an inspection.

However, Arce asks what happens when you can’t smell the leak? He worries his neighbors might have the same issue and not know it.

“That’s pretty scary,” said neighbor Roger Castillo, he lives across the street and has seen a lot of PG&E crews out there over the last couple years. “The complex is leaking, and I know someone reported smelling gas a couple years ago,” Castillo said.

PG&E said it surveyed the area and found nothing unusual, but that doesn’t ease the neighbors’ nerves.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the HOA and the property manager but have not heard back.

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