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SJ Homeowner Left With $5K Bill After Standoff, Says Cops Targeted Wrong Home

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A San Jose homeowner has been left with thousands of dollars in damage after a 12-hour standoff Thursday with a homicide suspect led to authorities targeting the wrong home, according to the homeowner.

Victor Uribe said all of his windows and his back door were shattered and the piercing chemicals from the tear gas canisters are still all over his Vista Verde Drive home.

“I gave the keys to police so they could open the door and not break it,” Uribe said.

The barricaded suspect, Marcus Pardohendry, was arrested outside of the home next door to Uribe’s around 3 a.m.

Uribe said he doesn’t feel that there’s much he can do about the damage, but that police did what they had to.

“You know, I guess if the guy was armed then they couldn’t go inside,” Uribe said. “So I guess they had to do what they had to do.”

However, Uribe still hopes that the city will cover at least the part of that damage that his insurance does not. He said that the cost of boarding up and cleaning the inside of his home is around $5,000.

“The glass and this powder…this powder is what burns,” said Uribe.

“I just hope someone will help us, because we had nothing to do with this,” he said.

Another suspect in the case, Richard Torres, was arrested Wednesday. Both Pardohendry and Torres were arrested in connection with the Jan. 15 homicide of Richard Nguyen.

Police have not yet commented.

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