Cain Velasquez

Judge Grants Cain Velasquez Permission to Travel Out of State for Wrestling Event

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A judge granted former mixed martial arts star Cain Velasquez permission to travel out of state for a wrestling event.

Cain Velasquez, who pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges, will be allowed to travel under the following conditions:

  • Must coordinate removal of GPS bracelet with pre-trial services before departure and have it put back on upon return
  • Velasquez can leave on Dec. 1 and must return on Dec. 4
  • Defense must hire an Arizona law enforcement officer to be with Cain and monitor his movements

Santa Clara County's Deputy District Attorney Leigh Frazier released a statement following the decision saying she objected to it.

"Our concern for public safety, due to the extremely violent nature of this crime, has not lessened," she said. "The fact that the defendant's GPS monitor will be removed and that he cannot be monitored by Pretrial Services while outside of California only increases our concerns for public safety."

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