Milpitas Councilwoman Aims to ‘Not Leave Anyone Behind,' Supplies Masks, COVID Tests

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A Milpitas councilwoman is taking matters into her own hands in addressing the COVID needs in her community.

Councilwoman Karina Dominguez is using her own money to bring masks and home test kits directly to low-income neighborhood she said are slipping through the cracks.

As part of her outreach and support efforts, Dominguez registers residents for the fee federal home test kits and hands out a bag with masks, sanitizer, and a home antigen test if needed.

The councilwoman said the county and city aid is not reaching certain pockets of her city -- communities that might need the help the most.

"We're not going to leave anyone behind," Dominguez said. "And as a councilmember, it is my job to walk with every single person to make sure they stay safe."

The county said it works tirelessly to help the most disproportionately affected areas and appreciates any community help it can get.

Dominguez has been raising funds for the items she hands out and has received up to $15,000 in support. The councilwoman is out several times a week visiting neighborhoods -- sometimes using vacation or personal time from her full time job. She is also using the councilwoman stipend from the city to buy more PPE equipment for neighbors.

Community volunteer Ana Naranjo said she is in awe of her councilwoman, insisting that Milpitas needs more people like her.

"This is my family," Dominguez said. "I want to make sure my family stays safe."

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