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Most Bay Area Residents Have a Desire to Stay: Study

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Despite what you might have heard, the Bay Area is not full of people looking to move somewhere far away.

In fact, a new study shows that local people are mostly hoping to stay local even with the area's expensive housing market.

San Jose teacher Natasha Singha said if she had a choice, her next move wouldn't be far -- she would stay in the Bay Area.

"I think I'd still wanna stay here because my family is here," Singha said.

But she admits, high rents are a concern.

"I'd also be tempted to move if I had good job prospects and it was somewhere cheaper 'cause it's definitely pricey to live here," Singha said.

According to a new survey by Apartment List, a lot of people feel that way -- a desire to stay if they can.

Apartment List said almost half of the people looking for an apartment in San Francisco come from the East Bay or San Jose. If you're looking for a place in San Jose, chances are good you're looking from the city or Oakland.

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