Neighbors Not Happy About Mountain Winery Hotel Proposal

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The popular Mountain Winery in the South Bay could be adding a hotel and neighbors say it’s a terrible idea that took many off guard.

As one of the premier concert venues in the Bay Area with views of the Silicon Valley, The Mountain Winery is part of the county, but Saratoga wants to annex it.

Part of that plan would include rezoning the property to allow for a 300-room hotel.

Though neighbors say they love the winery, they said a hotel would bring problems.

“It’s really about the impact of the neighborhoods of the hotel and the guests that come to it,” said Saratoga resident Jack Cho.

The homeowner’s association below the winery pointed out the tight two-lane road to the site. While they tolerate traffic for concerts, they said a hotel would add hundreds of more drivers to it all year long.

They also fear what might happen during an evacuation because their homes are in a high fire risk zone.

“Like if one person wrecks, you’re not getting around, you’re not getting out,” said resident Carol Miller. “It’s too narrow and windy for people unfamiliar with the road.”

Concert goers would likely welcome lodging at the winery to spend the night there instead of driving home especially if they’ve been drinking.

As for the proposal, the city said annexing the winery would allow it to control future land uses and operations when it couldn’t before.

“The truth is, how much more development can you really limit if you give them a 300-room hotel?” said Saratoga Heights HOA president Angela Ling.

The city says there are no immediate plans or permits issued for a hotel, that would be another process after the re-zoning.

The commission will make a recommendation Wednesday night. NBC Bay Area reached out to the Mountain Winery for comment and have not heard back.

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