New Restaurant Employee Rolls Into Milpitas Denny's

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A new restaurant employee just rolled into the Bay Area and it has everyone talking.

It doesn’t have arms or legs, but it’s been helping servers at a Denny’s in Milpitas for two days now -- it’s a robot named Sunny. 

It’s a robot named sunny.

“The robot helps us a lot especially when we are too busy,” said waiter Constacio Silva. 

Restaurants across the Bay have been dealing with a labor shortage, so the team said they’re just glad to have an extra hand or an extra set of wheels.

“Sometimes we get really busy and we have to walk and run sometimes fast,” said Silva.

The computerized employee has the entire restaurant mapped out, all the wait staff needs to do is set the hot plates on Sunny, tell it where to go to, and it’s off.

But some fear there could be a dark chapter to this story.

“I think it's taking their jobs,” said customer Gabriela.

Managers with Denny’s said the human touch is key and Sunny can’t replace that.

The robot is just there to make everything “glide” smoothly.

“Our servers are very warm and very friendly, but with the help of robot they are improving their efficiency and productivity,” said manager Dave Mitter.

These servers say they’ll keep smiling and tending to customers and count on Sunny for backup.

“The robot is only helping them improve their efficiency, it's not replacing any employees or servers,” said manager Sunita Sagar. 

The plan is to test Sunny out for a few more days, but by the look of it, the robot is there to stay.

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