Planning Commission Rejects Saratoga Winery Hotel Proposal

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A proposal to add a hotel to the Saratoga Mountain Winery was annexed Wednesday night after a meeting between residents and the planning commission.

In addition to the nearly 40 neighbors who opposed the 300-room hotel, the head of the planning commission voiced his concern.

“By unanimous vote, the commission recommended the city not move forward,” Commission Chairman Sunil Ahuja said.

This does not end the process, it now goes to the city council which can vote however it wants.

As a condition of the annexation, the winery is asking for permission to change the zoning so that at some point in the future, it may build a hotel.

Residents lined up with a laundry list of reason why they did not approve of the plan.

The popular Mountain Winery in the South Bay could be adding a hotel and neighbors say it’s a terrible idea that took many off guard. Ian Cull reports.

“There is a lot of traffic up there when you have concerns coming down, after that,” said Saratoga resident David Leidzell.

“That's been a dangerous road, and they made it more dangerous by making it straighter, so people go up the road at 50 instead of the 35 they're supposed to,” said Byron Anderson from Saratoga.

In a written statement from mayor Howard Miller, he said approving the plan and having more control over what happens at the winery and hillsides would be a win. He adds that he’s looking forward to reviewing the planning commission's recommendation.

The unanimous decision by the planning commission not to move forward will be heard by the city council on March 18.

Representatives from the Saratoga Mountain Winery were not at the meeting.

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