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Playoff Game Expected to Bring Big Money to the South Bay

The Saturday matchup will be on NBC Bay Area.

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For the first time since Levi’s Stadium opened, it will host a playoff game Saturday afternoon.

Over 70,000 people are expected and thousands more who don't want to spend hundreds to get in will likely spend their money elsewhere -- bars and restaurants are counting on it.

"I’ve been waiting for the revenge since that 2012 Super Bowl loss to the Ravens so hopefully if they go again with the Ravens this year we can get some payback,” said Vidal Ellerbrock from Santa Clara.

With an added game or two in January, local restaurants in the area like Iguana’s Burritozilla hope to boost their bottom line.

“It usually doubles, we get pretty packed every day but during game days, we get really flooded in here,” said Michael Cabarloc from Iguana’s.

Downtown San Jose is also prepping for the big game. SP2 Communal Bar and Restaurant is hosting the official 49er watch party in the South Bay, but fans will trickle into other bars as well.

“It's probably going to be pretty crazy,” said Jerry Lloyd, director of the SJ Downtown Association. “Hopefully a good crazy."

Lloyd has a play opening this weekend in San Pedro Square and wouldn't mind having more people looking at his signs.

“It impacts us, and we have to be aware of it, all the merchants here do. But at the same time, it's good, it brings a lot of people here."

As the 49ers take the field, there will be more than just the fans in the stands rooting them on.

“We expect it to be busy the next weekend for the NFC Championship game and two weeks later for the Super Bowl."

The Saturday matchup will be on NBC Bay Area.

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