San Francisco

San Francisco, Other California Cities Dubbed ‘Most Vain'

Probably not a list Bay Area residents wanted to top.

When you think of cities that have the most tanning salons, beauty parlors and plastic surgery offices, you probably don’t think of the Bay Area — but a new Trulia study is suggesting you should.

Trulia combed major metropolitan areas and ranked San Francisco the second most vain city in the country based on the number of those businesses. San Jose and Oakland were close behind, snagging the fifth and sixth spots.

For every household in San Francisco, there are about 75 beauty salons — about 10 more than Orange County, and almost 20 more than in Los Angeles. There is also about one tanning salon for the same number of households and two plastic surgeon’s offices.

On the bright side, at least we also are one of the top locations for delicious cuisine. 

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