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San Jose Business Owners React to President Taking COVID Stimulus Package Off the Table

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President Donald Trump took the stimulus package off the table, the worst possible news for millions of struggling Americans. 

In a stunning move, the president has ordered his negotiators to drop the talk with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on another COVID-19 stimulus deal.

Business owners holding on by a thread and waiting for a lifeline say another round of stimulus would have been exactly what they needed as the pandemic has been a death sentence for many in Downtown San Jose. 

“Back in February, we had more than 200 eateries, restaurants, cafes. Now, we’re at about half that number,” said Scott Knies, head of the San Jose Downtown Association.

He said many that are still open, are hanging on “by their fingernails.”  Many banking on more help from the government.

“We’re doing about one third of normal business,” said Jorge Sanchez from Chacho’s Restaurant. “It’s hard, to say the least.”

Small businesses downtown say they used their first round of federal stimulus money to keep the doors open,but just barely. 

“We can use all the help, as a small business. We can use all the help we can get,” said David Mulvehille, owner, O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub.

But now the president says no more help is coming -- calling off negotiations with the democrats until after the election.

“It’s too bad that the two groups can’t come to an agreement on that. I think there’s a lot of people who really need the money,” said Jackie Lagarra of San Jose.

Now small businesses and families try to figure out why they are paying the price for the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans.

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