San Jose FoodMaxx Closes After Employee's COVID-19-Related Death

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A San Jose FoodMaxx is shut down for cleaning Monday after an employee who tested positive for COVID-19 died.

The company said they were infected while traveling and they hadn’t been at work since March 6, but the store is getting a thorough cleaning out of abundance of caution.

The health department told management there was no concern about exposure for other customers or employees.

“I’m very surprised about that,” said Erik Ambrosio from San Jose. “I can’t believe they’re shut down.”

Grocery store workers are on the front lines. They’re essential employees so people can get food for their families.

Many grocers spray down carts to prevent the virus spread and customers only touch what they buy and clean packaging when they get home.

“If it’s in a container I pull out a sanitizer wipe, if I still have some left but if not you’ve got to take your chances,” said Andrew Mendez from San Jose.

Health experts say produce should be rinsed with warm water. The virus can live on cardboard for a day and two to three days on plastic. 

“If you touch something, regardless if it’s been cleaned down or not, you need to wash

your hands before touching your mouth, nose, or eyes,” said Dr. Krutika Kuppalli.

Doctors say masks should only be worn if you’re sick and in that case, it’s better to have someone go to the store for you.

They added that those who have gloves or masks, should donate them to hospitals.

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