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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo's Home Vandalized

Dozens of neighbors helped the Mayor scrub off graffiti from his home.

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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo's home was vandalized Friday night with expletive graffiti, paint and burnt flags.

The actions were caught on video and showed fired paintballs, burning of flags and several people gathered outside the house.

Liccardo released a statement Saturday morning after a night of cleaning saying the following:

“I’m tremendously heartened by the response of dozens of my neighbors who dropped everything late last night to spend a couple of hours scrubbing graffiti from Jessica’s and my home.  Many of these same neighbors’ homes bear “Black Lives Matter” signs, and they represent the true spirit of the movement, and of our San Jose community.  They contrast sharply with the roughly hundred so-called “protesters” who stood by silently—or even cheered—as a flag was burned and while “f*ck you” and other messages were scrawled on our home.” 

After Liccardo’s house was targeted, police arrested a suspect accused of vandalizing city hall.

Officials are trying to determine if the same person is responsible for the vandalism at Liccardo’s home.

Liccardo was not home at the time of the incident. He said when he arrived home he found dozens of neighbors with brooms and cleaners already scrubbing paint and cleaning up eggs.

“It was so heartening to come home late at night and to see all of my neighbors out in front of the home, cleaning up egg,” Liccardo said. “It really shows the character of the community.”

Liccardo said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, as do his neighbors. Several, including the mayor, have signs in their windows.

Liccardo said he’s just one of several mayors in the country who have had similar incidents at their homes.

“It’s become par for the course for mayors of big cities,” he said. “Libby and London have dealt with similar issues as well as Garcetti in LA and the mayor in Dallas.”

Liccardo said he believes the people who were at his house last night are part of a fringe group and do not represent the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Liccardo has pushed a police reform plan.

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