Heat Wave

San Jose Neighborhood Without Power for 24 Hours During Heat Wave

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Some Bay Area residents were still dealing with power outages late Saturday despite the region spared from another round of rolling blackouts.

Several residents in the South Bay said they spent nearly 24 hours without electricity during a heat wave sweeping the the Bay Area.

Nearly 40 homes in a San Jose neighborhood near Kooser Road had their power restored Saturday night. The residents reported having a rough time dealing with the scorching temps without power the previous night.

"I was sitting, laying down, sweating and I just couldn't sleep," resident Tanner Compani said. "I was just dripping sweat. It was terrible."

Compani said he had to toss about $100 worth of meat and other food from his fridge after having no electricity for 24 hours.

Pacific Gas and Electric has not said why the power went out in the San Jose neighborhood, but resident Beth Berry believes she knows the reason for the outage.

"I saw a transformer blow like a bomb," Berry said.

Berry said when power was restored to her house, she stepped up to help neighbors.

"They were going to lose all their food so I decided to run an extension cord from my house across the street to their house so they could plug in their refrigerator," Berry said.

The outage was a good reminder to have a plan, Berry said.

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