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San Jose Police, Mayor Reevaluate Tactics for Dealing With Protests

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Protesters were back at San Jose City Hall Wednesday, in what may be the last protest limited by a curfew.

The city council voted Tuesday night to end the scheduled seven- day curfew Thursday morning instead of Sunday.

The chief of police and the mayor say it’s time to reevaluate the tactics for dealing with protesters and vandals trying to derail their message.

“We have to be open to asking hard questions about ‘is this the best way to ensure that people can stay safe?’” Mayor San Liccardo said, adding he plans to call for a reevaluation of police tactics especially the use of rubber bullets.

Police Chief Eddie García said he’s open to that.

“I’m sure every major city will be looking at the same thing as many of us have been dealing with the same kind of violence,” Garcia said. “So I think that’s something we’ll definitely be looking at.”

A lot will depend on if things change for the better when the curfew is lifted. The mayor says the council is ready to go back to a curfew on a day’s notice if needed.

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