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San Jose Police Officers Save Baby's Life

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San Jose police officers saved the life of an 11-month-old baby boy on Father’s Day after receiving a call at around 10 a.m. about a baby who wasn’t breathing but was conscious.

“The baby was just laying right there on the pavement, people surrounding it and we just took over the scene,” said Officer Joshua Paredes. 

He immediately started chest compressions while Officer Edwin Martinez gave the boy breath through a CPR mask.

Martinez said the boy wasn’t choking on anything, and no one knew why he had stopped breathing, but both officers said their training immediately kicked in.

“I didn’t have too much time to think. What I was thinking about was trying to get all my right equipment, which was my CPR mask,” said Martinez. “I just moved into action. Put the mask on the baby’s mouth and nose and gave the breaths and that’s all I was thinking about."

Then came the sound they hoped to hear.

“After the first round and the breath you could start hearing him cry a little,” Martinez said.

The young, three-year veteran officers had saved the baby’s life. Many are calling the men heroes, but both give credit to everyone involved, saying it was all in a day’s work.

“We just performed to the best of our ability with the skills that we had,” Paredes said.

The officers visited the boy at the hospital and he is in stable condition.

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