George Floyd

San Jose Residents Gather, React to Curfew

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Peaceful protesters demanding justice in the George Floyd death lined up at San Jose City Hall Monday ahead of the 8:30 p.m. curfew, and though it’s designed to ease tension, many protesters said it it’ll only make things worse. 

“This curfew is to keep people from fighting for their rights. That’s it,” said protester Sydney. “We have rights as Americans to protest.”

However many protesters said that they understand looters vandals and other criminals forced the curfew. 

“Would I like to see it seven days, no,” said protester Corrina Barrera. “But do I want my city safe? Yes.”

City officials say anyone with a legitimate reason to be out will not be arrested. 

“I know they announced it as a ‘seven- day order,’” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “I’d be very surprised if it lasts seven days. I expect fully that we’ll lift it as soon as we have a sense that things have calmed down.”

But many protesters say they’re skeptical. Especially because of an incident involving a San Jose police officer caught on a video that went viral.

The videos show the officer antagonizing protesters and appearing to relish the idea of shooting rubber bullets at the crowd. 

San Jose Council Member Magdalena Carrasco said she was so upset she wrote a letter to the police chief.

“I’m glad he was put on desk duty and I’m glad he’s not out on the street,” she said. “This is an individual who I’d have real concerns policing the eastside of San Jose.”

Carrasco said that the officer was the only one in the video who behaved that aggressively but some protesters emphatically disagreed and It’s that kind of tension that led to the 8:30 p.m. curfew.

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