San Jose State Reopens Sexual Misconduct Case From 2011

NBC Bay Area

San Jose State University has decided to reopen a sexual misconduct case against the school’s former director of sports medicine that it closed over a decade ago.

Scott Shaw was initially cleared back in 2009 after he was accused of inappropriately touching 17 swimmers and divers.

The group of female athletes who accused Shaw of numerous cases of inappropriate touching include some of SJSU’s top swimmers from 2009. When the college cleared Shaw, they were upset – and still are.

“Either it wasn’t taken seriously, or it wasn’t believed,” said Lindsay Warkentin, a former SJSU swimmer. “Or the administration had a different agenda.”

The case was revived after the school’s swim coach Sage Hopkins gathered the athletes’ accounts and put together a new file.

That file caught the attention of the new college president and USA Today, which ran a front-page article on the investigation Friday.

“I think it’s important to note it’s not just about this one trainer,” said former SJSU swimmer Kristen Trammell. “It’s about the entire athletic department and the culture that’s being created there.”

Shaw’s attorney pointed out that Shaw was promoted to director of sports medicine and called the new case a compilation of hearsay and rants.

“The university conducted a thorough investigation then and determined Scott Shaw did nothing wrong,” said Shaw’s attorney.

The athletes, however, were unwavering and said it’s not about them anymore.

“We want to make sure that this is not happening to our current or future athletes, so it’s to protect other people,” Warkentin said.

In a statement, the college president said an independent investigation is underway and that an update will be provided when it’s done. The statement said that appropriate action will be taken if any misconduct took place, regardless of the time frame.

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