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Several Cars in San Jose Neighborhood Broken Into Overnight

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Residents in a San Jose neighborhood woke up Monday morning to piles of broken glass around their cars and their belongings swiped by three suspects who made quick work along their quiet street.

In all, about 10 cars along Stokes Street in the Willow Glen neighborhood were broken into overnight.

"All the way up and down this street, cars broken into, windows smashed, one after the other after the other, glass everywhere, personal belongings, in some cases, thrown on the sidewalk," Debbie Lew, who is on the homeowners association, said.

Kasey Noe spent part of her morning vacuuming up glass out of her car. Her car has been broken into before. She's also had another car stolen.

"Break-ins happen all the time," she said.

Another neighbor said she heard noise and looked outside to see the three suspects but not well enough to identify them.

The victims said they have already learned to not leave valuables in their cars. The only other advice they have received from police is to leave their car doors unlocked so thieves can look inside without breaking a window.

Lew said her car and her husband's car were parked on the street overnight, but they weren't broken into. She wonders if the fact that they have dash cam recorders served as a deterrent.

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