SJPD Employee Charged for Threats Made on Alt-Right Website

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A San Jose Police Department employee has been arrested, charged with several gun crimes, and accused of writing threatening messages on an alt-right website talking about targeting cops. 

Dennis Shevchenko was free on bail Friday. He’s been an SJPD community service officer (CSO) in SAn Jose since  2012.

They're non-sworn officers responsible for collecting evidence in burglaries and doing traffic control at accidents or crime scenes.

But police now believe Shevchenko lived a second life filled with hate -- including hate for police  

“The San Jose Police Department received information from the FBI Regarding disturbing and hateful social media posts that were allegedly made by a non sworn employee of this department,” said Chief Tony Mata.  

He said the posts were made on, which touts itself as a free speech “alternative” to “liberal” social media, and included many troubling entries.

“The posts encouraged and solicited violent acts against people who did not share this extreme view of the author and these posts included the advocating of shooting of police officers,” said the chief. 

Police arrested Shevchenko that same day while he was on duty, under a gun violence restraining order.

A search of his home uncovered several guns, including an assault weapon. And while searching his locker at the police substation, detectives say they found another loaded gun.

CSO’s are not allowed to carry guns.

“These allegations are extremely serious and are being fully investigated to determine the extent of any criminal conduct by our employee,” said Mata.

Shevchenko is on paid leave during the investigation.

The department says officers are currently taking a behavioral threat assessment curriculum, in hopes of identifying people - even in their own ranks - with extreme views that could pose a threat.

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