South Bay Restaurants Struggle to Stay Afloat

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The latest stay-at-home order has forced many businesses to make hard choices about trying to stay open. Some are having to pivot yet again to be able to serve their customers and keep their staff employed. 

One restaurant in Los Gatos is hoping to lure in some of the people who are going to the sold-out Fantasy of Lights drive thru.

The row of small tents, lights and treats is set up about a block away from Vasona Park. It's in the parking lot of Flights restaurant in Los Gatos.

Hot chocolate, take out food, holiday supplies, and even a photo with Santa who sits behind plexiglass.

That is not only a way to provide a contactless experience for customers, it's also a way to keep some of the restaurant staff employed.

Restaurant owner Alex Hult says he's already had to lay off about 100 employees at two of his other restaurants and that this latest stay-at-home order is painful.

"Here we go again. Employees laid off right before christmas, no plan,” said Hunt. “The federal, the state, the county, they are not talking to each other." 

At the post restaurant in Los Altos, owner Vickie Breslin had been planning on defying the new stay-at-home order and was going to serve people for outdoor dining on the parklett next to the restaurant.

"Our plan was to take the fines, and possibly even if it came down to being arrested. But once it comes down to my business, I can't lose my business too,” said Breslin.

She's been visited by government inspectors twice over the last couple days, warning her that she could not only face fines, but business licenses could also be jeopardized.

So she backed down, but some of her most devoted customers still turned out in support.

The Post remains open for take out only.

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