Rape Reported on Stanford Campus

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Stanford police sent out a campus-wide alert Wednesday after a woman said she was grabbed, taken into a bathroom and raped.

It happened around 5 p.m. Tuesday near Wilbur Hall while summer classes were underway, and she claimed to have seen the man on campus before.

“It’s alarming, and it’s crazy because it happened in broad daylight,” said Brooke, a Stanford grad student. 

Stanford summer classes are in session while most students return in late September. 

Brooke said it happened right near where she lives. 

“It essentially happened within a 500-foot radius of a bunch of students, and everybody in my cohort,” she said.

Police said the victim isn’t ready to speak with them yet, so they don’t know many specifics. 

They also don’t have a clear suspect description. 

“We’re talking about walking each other into the garages now and making sure that each of us are getting into our cars,” said Brooke, talking about conversations among students about being more vigilant.

Stanford police and Department of Public Safety officials are asking for anyone who took any pictures in the area near Wilbur Hall or near the parking lot around 5 p.m. Tuesday, or anyone who has more information on the incident, to call 650-723-9633.

A Stanford University spokeswoman on Thursday clarified the university has not confirmed the victim is a student.

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