Sunnyvale Debuts All-Electric City Hall

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Sunnyvale’s new city hall, which was in the works for years and built through the pandemic, opened for business Monday.

The new building is good looking and also, good for the planet. The all-electric building was planned with sustainability and innovation in mind.

The construction opened up 6 acres of green area, several heritage trees were saved and more trees were planted. The building also takes advantage of the sunshine, so it can be net-zero.

Before the move from the old city hall, the records went electronic, doing away with paper and associated storage.

Mayor Larry Klein said the city is putting its values on display, showing residents that if the city can go sustainable, they can do it too.

“We are creating as much energy with our solar panels, and storing it away, as what’s needed on the site, so we don’t need to use PG&E, we’re showing that you can be off the grid, or create as much energy as you need on a daily basis,” said Klein.

The ribbon cutting for the next phase is in September.

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