Sunnyvale Man Just Misses $1M Prize on ‘American Ninja Warrior'

Josh Levin, a pro climber, advanced to Stage 4 but came up about 20 feet short on the rope climb

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A South Bay man came within 20 feet of winning $1 million on "American Ninja Warrior."

Josh Levin of Sunnyvale made it to Stage 4 of the finals in Las Vegas, an episode that aired Monday night. Levin is a professional climber and had 30 seconds to climb an 80-foot rope. But at just over 60 feet, he ran out of gas.

Despite falling short, he's proud of the fact that he "achieved mastery."

"That’s what Ninja Warrior is really about," Levind said. "It’s not about beating somebody else, you know, trying to be the best. It’s about achieving mastery. And what I mean by that is making sure you’re doing your absolute best. You’re competing for the best intentions, you’re competing alongside others, cheering each other on."

Levin teaches engineering at Synapse School in Menlo Park, and he's studying for a degree in mechanical engineering.

Levin is one of only nine competitors to make it to Stage 4 in 14 seasons of "American Ninja Warrior."

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