Suspect Steals From Mother, Young Son Outside Eastridge Mall in San Jose

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A woman and young child had just finished shopping in the South Bay only to get in their car and have someone swipe their bags from them in seconds, in the latest example of thefts plaguing the Bay Area. 

Muneeba Zeeshan was walking out of Macy’s at the Eastridge Mall in San Jose last Monday with her 6-year-old son. 

“It was a quick trip, went to the mall and bought some gifts,” said Zeeshan. 

An old car stopped to let them cross as she entered the parking lot.

“Walked to our car, three to four cars down,” she said. 

Her son got in the car – then she did — and that’s when it happened. 

“I had just sat in the car and I didn’t even have a chance to buckle myself up, just put my belongings in, and right at that moment the girl came in,” said Zeeshan.

She said a girl, about high school aged, ripped her passenger door open, grabbed the full shopping bags, jumped in a waiting car and they sped off. 

“My 6-year-old was shaking, and he just said ‘mom, I’m scared I’m scared,’” said Zeeshan. 

It happened less than a week after a jewelry store near Macy's fell victim to five robbers  who smashed the glass cases and made off with around $70,000 worth of jewelry. 

San Jose police are investigating both crimes. 

Zeeshan hopes the mall will increase lightning in the parking lot – and add more security patrols. 

“We at least should be able to run errands and go holiday shopping with our kids,” she said. “I’m clearly shaken but I hope things get better.”

NBC Bay Area reached out to the Eastridge Mall to see if it’s making changes – and are waiting to hear back.

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