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Vandalism Caught on Camera: San Jose Family Finds Dog Feces On Their Car

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A San Jose family woke up to a bizarre case of vandalism in front of their house Monday. Someone dumped dog feces on their car and their home security camera caught it all. 

It happened around 1 a.m. on Raintree Court in San Jose. A man in a hoodie walks down the cul-de-sac and dumps litter filled with dog droppings all over the Shirazi’s SUV.

“You can clearly see the person walking from the corner, he left his car around the corner, and he comes here and dumps the sandbag on the car,” said Ana Shirazi.

She and her daughter Soroya Shirazi were upset and confused. They saw all of it on the SUV when they woke up and then checked the cameras. 

“It just totally shocked me. It was clearly targeted,” said Soraya. “The way he ran back, he had a hoodie. It was just really scary.”

They have an idea of who did it. The family said a man who visits a neighbor regularly was letting his dog go to the bathroom in their yard.  They asked him to stop, and say he responded with hostility -- but that was two months ago.  

“You would hope they would just take that smoothly, and say ‘okay, I’ll be neighbourly’ but clearly that’s not the case,” said Soraya. “I want my parents to be safe, to be left alone. I just hope they stop whatever they’re doing.”

San Jose police came out to talk with the family Monday and are reviewing the surveillance footage. 

The family told investigators who they think this is -- but no arrests have been made.

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