San Jose

South Bay's Youngest Delegate Fundraises His Way to Convention

The South Bay’s youngest delegate attending the Democratic National Convention next week didn’t just campaign for Clinton; he also campaigned for himself.

Sergio Lopez of San Jose knew he wanted to be involved in the political process. The Yale student even finished his finals early so he could come back to the Bay and help hit the campaign trail.

Yet when he was finally picked to be a delegate, he had to do a little fundraising of his own.

In order to pay for the fees associated with attending the convention – hotel, food and airfare fees rack up quickly – Lopez created a GoFundMe, raising a total of $3600 in two months.

“A lot of why I ran is because I would like to see young people involved, and have a more diverse party,” he said.

He says the Democratic Party has been doing a “good job” of bringing in people from different backgrounds, cultures and socioeconomic statuses into the fold.

“We need to keep moving in that direction,” he said.

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