Giant Swastika Placed on El Camino High School Football Field

"It was an ugly thing to see -- really jarring," said a woman who spotted the anti-Semitic symbol when she drove by Monday night.

Vandals created a giant swastika out of tiles on a South San Francisco high school football field, police say, prompting an investigation.

Police suspect the vandalism occurred on Friday after the El Camino High School graduation. Someone used the field tiles from the event to make the symbol, police said.

School officials say the symbol was made from tiles that snap together, and there was no damage to the field. The symbol was removed on Monday.

Robin Braun Belinsky said she was driving by the campus field Monday night when she spotted the swastika on the 40-yard line.

"It's really sad that this still continues to happen," said Belinsky, a Brisbane resident.

Belinsky said she was made fun of for being Jewish growing up and the vandalism reopened those old wounds. Belinsky took pictures and video to document the vandalism.

"It's up to us to let people know," she said. "It was an ugly thing to see -- really jarring."

Belinsky said the vandals need to be found and punished.

Anyone with information involving the matter is asked to call the South San Francisco Police Department at 650-877-8900.

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