St. Croix Runs Out of Steve Jobs Turtlenecks

Late in his life Steve Jobs was not known as a fashion icon.

Few would mistake the younger, more abrasive Apple CEO with the one the world got to know later in life.

The young Jobs was known for donning a bow-tie or a leather jacket on occasion.

But its Jobs' uniform look of a black turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers that has been making a rush on his clothes.

The day after Jobs passed away last week, Minnesota-based clothing company St. Croix, who makes the mock turtleneck Jobs made famous, said it sales more than doubled on that day.

In fact the shirt is no longer available on the company's website. St. Croix said it will begin shipping more turtlenecks again on Oct. 28.

But before it sold out, St. Croix promised to honor the memory of Jobs by donating $20 of every $175 shirt sold to the American Cancer Society.

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