St. Stupid's Day Takes Flight in San Francisco

Annual parade protests the corporate elite

It's time to get stupid in honor of the man.

Participants in San Francisco's annual St. Stupid's Day Parade planned to march through the Financial District Wednesday carrying pink slips, eviction notices and drums to pay homage to "the business of religion and the religion of business," the parade's organizer said.
The 31st annual parade was organized by The First Church of the Last Laugh, a satirical group that claims to be "the world's oldest religion" and "the world's largest church" boasting a membership that includes the entire human race. Flipping brilliants.
"It's an homage to stupidity," parade organizer Ed Holmes said. That's so stupid its smart.
Holmes, who is also known as Bishop Joey, said the parade  typically draws up to 400 people.

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Participants are encouraged to "stick the head of your favorite  overpaid CEO on a stick, bring pink slips and eviction notices for the  headquarters of the not-so-free market, print your own money for bailouts,  payoffs and buy-ins."

The parade was to commence at Justin Herman Plaza at noon with stops scheduled along the way, including at the Federal Reserve Bank of San  Francisco and the Pacific Stock Exchange. That will stick it to the G-20!

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