Stalk Your Local Girl Scout Thanks to an IPhone App

Craving thin mint but can't find a Girl Scout hanging out at your local grocer? There's an app for that.

The green badged troops have entered the 21st Century with an iPhone and smartphone app .

Sugar-craving smartphone owners can simply call **GSCOOKIES and then wait for a text reply with a link to the "FindCookies" app sent to your phone.

iPhone users can alternatively go to the App Store and download the Cookie Locater app by themselves.

The app will help users find the closest Girl Scout troop in their area where they can get cookies.

This year's Girl Scout cookie season will run from Feb. 11 to March 27 but buyers will not find all their favorite flavors this year.

Increased costs and less demand has forced the cute little troops to not offer cookies that don't sell as well as the popular items, such as Thin Mints.

The troops have also reduced the size of the boxes to deal with the cost increase of flour and other ingredients. Up to 57 cents per box goes to individual troops to make the cookies the one largest money generating sources for the Girl Scouts.

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