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Stanford Failed to Stop Sexual Predator for Years, Lawsuit Alleges

A male student at Stanford University could have been stopped from sexually assaulting at least four female students at the school if staff were able to connect the dots, according to a lawsuit filed by an advocacy group Monday, NBC News reported.

The suit identifies the alleged sexual predator as "Mr. X," and says he was eventually found responsible in several instances of sexual assault. But despite being banned from campus, he was awarded bachelor's and master's degrees.

The school became the focus of the national campus sexual assault debate earlier this year when a former swimmer was given a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting a woman. The new lawsuit, filed on behalf of one of the accusers, alleges Stanford engaged in systematic negligence.

Stanford said in a statement that sexual assault and misconduct are "abhorrent" but suggested it was not able to act because one or more of the victims did not want to pursue formal charges.

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