Stanford University

Stanford Investigating Alleged On-Campus Sexual Assault

Stanford University is investigating a female student's claim that she was sexually assaulted by another student on the Peninsula campus.

The reported sexual assault occurred in the suspect's dorm room on the eastern edge of the campus early last Friday, according to the university.

A medical professional reported the attack to police after treating the victim, but law enforcement authorities say the victim has yet to offer a statement and no arrests have been made at this time.

Frustration on behalf of investigators has grown because they do not yet know details pertaining to the identity of the suspect, but they say they will work patiently with the victim.

"The university does not tolerate any acts of sexual violence, sexual assault, however, we have to respect the victim's right to be confidential and process whether she wants to come forward and provide additional information," Bill Larson from Stanford Police said. "But, we encourage the reporting. It's very important."

The reported assault comes on the heels of the highly-publicized case involving Brock Turner. The former Stanford swimmer was convicted of sexual assault and served three months of a six-month jail sentence before being released in September, a decision that set off a firestorm of protests across the country. Turner has since returned home to Ohio and registered as a sex offender.

Just last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills into law connected to the fallout from the Turner case. One of those mandates stipulates that perpetrators convicted of assaulting an unconscious victim receive state prison time instead of a shorter jail sentence.

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