Stanford Nurse Doodles, Draws Out Smiles

When the nurses at Stanford consolidated the patient information they keep on a white board, it left behind a large, blank space. It also created an opportunity for Alicia Moreci to make people smile.

During a recent nursing shift in the Intermediate Cardiac Care Unit at Stanford Hospital, a doctor grabbed Alicia Moreci by the arm and asked excitedly, "Are you the nurse? Are you the nurse who has been drawing on the white boards?"

If she didn't know better, Alicia might have thought she was about to get yelled at for doing something unprofessional. Instead she was complimented and thanked.

Such interactions are increasing common for Alicia, ever since she began creating weekly doodles on the white board across from her unit's nursing station.

She dry-erase-marked her first drawing, a Loch Ness Monster, last July. Since then she has completed fifty doodles, each one it seems, brightening the days of her coworkers and patients.

To see her drawings, and hear her story, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.

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