Stanford Students Push Stanford to Release Names of Title IX Violators

Following the Brock Turner sentencing controversy, Stanford activist groups are rallying to force the university to release the names of students found responsible for sexual misconduct on campus.

The Stanford Survivor Solidarity Network started a Change.org petition on Thursday, calling for the school to release the names of those students who have violated Title IX policies related to sexual assault and misconduct.

The petition creator has pointed to the number of sexual assaults as reason to release the names. The university reported 26 on-campus rapes in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education.

“One student is sexually assaulted every two weeks at Stanford,” wrote the petition creator. “I’m afraid for my safety, knowing how many of my friends have suffered from sexual violence and coercion at the hands of my classmates.”

The creator continued: “What happens in the cases of sexual assault and sexual misconduct that do not result in expulsion?”

A list of Title IV violators living on campus is typically not released to the student body. A spokesperson for Stanford told NBC Bay Area that the school is unaware of any other college that releases a list, and said it could potentially threaten student safety.

“If a student poses a threat they will face discipline including expulsion,” the spokesperson told NBC Bay Area. “As with other universities, Stanford’s process for all student discipline matters provides for confidentiality of student identities and outcomes.”

Activist groups outside the Stanford community have also called on the elite college to improve its response to sexual assault.

Ultraviolet, a feminist organization that submitted a petition Friday to have the judge in the Turner case ousted from the bench, will be at the Stanford commencement on Sunday to protest the school and Santa Clara County's handling of the case.

In addition two three large bicycle billboards, the group has commissioned a plane to fly over the university stadium ahead of commencement with the banner "Protect Survivors. Not Rapists. #PerskyMustGo."

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, who is also an outspoken activist fighting against college rape culture, tweeted out the petition to her thousands of followers. NBC has reached out to Dauber for comment.

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