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Stanford Students Walk Out, Protest During Robert Spencer Speaking Event

"You are against freedom of speech."

Those were the words from controversial blogger and speaker Robert Spencer directed at Stanford University students Tuesday night after a group in the audience stood up and walked out in the middle of his event.

Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and talks about links between radical Islam and terrorism.

The students continued their protest outside, saying Spencer is spreading hate.

"It feeds into a narrative our religion can be blamed for everything wrong, essentially linked to national security concerns," said Fatima Ladha if Stanford Against Islamophobia.

Inside, Spencer told a much smaller crowd he is not anti-Islam.

"I write about Jihad terrorism," he said. "Not all Muslims are terrorists; not all Muslims are going to be terrorists. I've never said otherwise."

Spencer's supporters say they don't feel free to express concerns about radical Islam.

"They're making it so you can't talk about it," Lodi resident Larry Estavan said. "You're made to feel racist or a criminal."

The Stanford College Republicans hosted the event.

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