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Power Restored at Stanford University After Outage

Power has been restored at Stanford University after an outage impacted about 50 buildings on the sprawling Palo Alto campus and forced classes to be canceled Wednesday evening, a spokesperson said Thursday morning.

The cause of the outage was "traced to a cable failure at a transformer serving the new Bass Biology Building, which has been under construction and has not yet been occupied," the spokesperson stated in an email.

Stanford University in a tweet to NBC Bay Area at 8:17 p.m. Wednesday reported power was restored to most buildings on campus, adding a handful would remain without power overnight.

Students working in certain labs, especially those working with hazardous materials, were told to immediately stop their experiments and leave the building.

PG&E said it was delivering power to the campus, and the outage was out of their control.

For more details and updates, visit Stanford University's emergency information page.

The following buildings were affected by the power outage:

• Graduate School of Business (All)

• Highland Hall

• Schwab Residential Center – Cemex

• Schwab Residential Center – Tower Building

• Gates

• Paul Allen Building

• Beckman Center

• Psychiatry Academic and Clinic

• Anderson Collection

• Roth Way garage

• Mudd Chemistry

• Stauffer 1

• Stauffer 2

• Gilbert Biology

• Chemistry Conference

• Cantor Arts

• McMurtry

• Sapp Center

• Bing Concert Hall

• Littlefield Center

• Lathrop

• Art Gallery

• Arrillaga Alumni Center

• Lou Henry Hoover

• Hoover Mem

• Green Library

• Burnham Pavilion

• Avery Aquatic

• Taube Family Tennis

• Arrillaga Family Sports Center

• Arrillaga Gymnasium & Weight Room (Maples practice gym)

• Maples Pavilion

• Northwest Data Center and Com. Hub

• Central Process Steam

• Comparative Medicine Pavilion

• Center For Clinical Sciences Research

• Li Ka Shing Center

• Fairchild Science

• Cordura Hall

• Ventura Hall

• Forsythe

• James Clark Center

• Lokey Stem Cell Research Building

• 315 Bonair

• 327 Bonair

• 333 Bonair

• 340 Bonair

• 341 Bonair

• Stanford Auxiliary Library II

• Stanford Federal Credit Union (Pampas Lane)

• Acorn House

• Children’s Center of the Stanford Community

• Mulberry House

• Little Kids Place

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