Stanford Students Create Apps for iPhone

Services include campus map, team scores and schedules

As the iPhone gains popularity, Stanford students have developed  five software applications to make the university's core web-based systems and services available through the iPhone.

Two of the applications are intended for students so that they  can manage their course registration and bills, according to the university.  The other three applications will allowed access via the phone to Stanford's  searchable campus map, let users check listings in the university's online  directory and get team scores and schedules.

Terriblyclever Design, a San Francisco company co-founded by a  junior computer science major at Stanford, developed the applications. Kayvon  Beykpour co-founded the company in August 2007, and five of the company's six  full-time employees are also undergraduates at Stanford.

"We really were passionate about being more engaged in these systems," Beykpour said. "I am a student and I use all these services, and I  cant tell you how exciting it is to spend your time working in a capacity  that you love working in, but also such that your final product affects your community."

The project sets a new standard for student collaboration and  interaction with in institution itself, according to the university. The  university also decided to offer a computer science course this fall to teach  students how to program iPhone applications. It is the first of its kind in  the country, and have more than 80 students registered.

"We're offering this class because we think it provides students  with a good way to exercise the foundations of computer science on an  exciting new platform," associate professor of computer science Mehran Sahami  said.

A pilot phase launched Monday and a select number of Stanford  students who work in residential computing tested a beta version of the  applications on their iPhones.

The applications will have the same security practices and  principles that govern the use of computers on campus.

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