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Stanley Cup Comes to Napa Hotel For Public Viewing, Helps Quake Relief Fund

Nearly one week since a 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Napa, the city is back up and running.

Wineries and businesses are hoping tourists continue to show up this Labor Day weekend, and one popular hotel is enlisting help from Southern California.

A chance to snap a picture with the Stanley Cup brought hockey fans out to the Westin Verasa hotel.

"It's just exciting for it to be hockey, and that's my the sport I love and being able to help Napa and my fellow citizens," Napa resident Evan Darlington said.

The hotel was yellow tagged after the quake but is now back open with a limited inventory of rooms.

The former San Jose Sharks general manager and current Los Angeles Kings GM owns a ranch in Sonoma.

He donated time with the cup as part of an earthquake relief effort.

"Since the earthquake, we turned it now into a little bit of a fundraiser," Westin Verasa Napa General Manager Don Shindle said. "So, we're asking people who are to take their picture with the cup to donate $5 at a minimum into the cup, and the actual LA Kings will match all of the donations and all of the money will go to the Napa earthquake relief fund."

Napa officials estimate that 95 percent of the restaurants are back open.

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