Starbucks to Offer XXL Next Month

New size "Trenta" is one ounce short of a quart.

Can't get enough of a caffeine fix at your local Starbucks? Fear not. Coming next month the coffee giant is going to offer a giant cup of Joe here in California that is 7 ounces larger than Venti.

The new XXL size will be called Trenta, and according to Starbucks it will give you 31-ounces of java goodness.  The larger size will cost you an additonal 50 cents, according to Starbucks. Why Starbucks stopped one ounce shy of a quart is anyone's guess.

Starbucks tested the new size in certain markets about a year ago and apparently it tested well because the Seattle-based company is rolling it out starting this week. California is one of the early states to get it.

For now, the new larger size will only be available for cold drinks, but that could change if the American trend of "everything bigger" proves true in 2011.

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